Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another Thanks

This is my favorite part of sewing the Disney Princess Dresses, getting such wonderful Thank You notes back from the families.  Special Bonus when there are pictures.  Here is one I just recieved....

Hello!  I just wanted to contact you once more to thank you AGAIN for the beautiful dresses you made for my daughter. We just returned a few weeks ago from their First Disney Vacation. I gave her the gowns a few days prior to our trip and she was ecstatic! She kept saying "mommy, this is the REAL belle dress and the REAL Cinderella dress". I LOVED it! While at Disney, she was able to be transformed into a princess for the day at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. She had her dresses and choose the Cinderella dress since we were dining at the Castle that evening. SO many people stopped us to ask where we had purchased the dress. I gave them your info on etsy. At Disney, the dresses were $100-$150 and nice but everyone looked the same. She was so happy to have the "real" dresses LOL. She was able to wear the Belle Gown when we did the Princess Storybook Dining at Epcot. I just cannot thank you enough! She will be having a princess birthday party in May for her 5th Birthday and wants to wear the Cinderella Gown for the "first part of the party and the Belle gown for the second part when I open presents and eat cake" (her words). She did ask where I got the dresses and I explained to her that I purchased from you, a lady who loves to make princess dresses. She said "Mommy, she is a fairy Godmother"!!?? LOL. Thanks so much! Here are a few photos of her at Disney with her gowns. Feel free to use them as you wish!

San Antonio, TX

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